Celle, Germany

A Tulsa Sister City Since 2000

Celle is located in the state of Lower Saxony and is situated about 35 km northeast of Hanover. With an area population of 230,000, Celle is a charming and ancient city offering great economic and tourism possibilities for Tulsans. Documented in 993 as "Kellu" (settlement by the river), the town was founded some distance away from the river Aller in 1292. This historical city has more than 480 restored half-timbered houses from the16th and 18th century. The economic base includes minerals, oil, natural gas, water purification, consumer goods, textiles, publishing, cattle, horse breeding, and tourism.

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The Tulsa & Celle Sister City Partnership

The Tulsa-Celle Partnership continued to strengthen the bonds with our Sister City in Germany. Events and activities for the past year include: 

  • Celle Mayor Dr. Jorg Nigge visited Tulsa October 2018. Meetings were arranged with Mayor Bynum and  several civic leaders, and representatives of the University of Tulsa, Tulsa Public Schools, and the Oklahoma State Department of Education, and helped celebrate Marshall Brewing Company’s new Tap Room.


  • Celle Pastor Inge Matern, visited Tulsa, participated in several partnership events, and presented an Advent Service at GAST.


  • The Tulsa-Celle Partnership has created meet-ups to practice German and regularly-scheduled cultural activities for its members.


Cathy Izzo

TGA Sister City Program Coordinator and Administrator

Connie Dodson,

Tulsa City Councilor 

Honorary Ambassador 

for Celle

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