TGA Global Education 

Passport To Cultures


Vice Chair, TGA Global Education

“Today’s teens really believe they can make a difference and create social change. In fact, they see it as their responsibility.  I’ve seen firsthand that TGA can also foster social change and global understanding by bringing Tulsa area students together with students from around the world. The interactions between these students can truly change our world for the better,”

  • TGA is proud to partner with local schools, libraries, institutions, and organizations to create opportunities for greater understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity.

  • Preparing a future workforce for success in a globally competitive economy involves a mastery of cross cultural and collaborative skill sets. 

  • TGA incorporates Tulsa's broad network of cultural groups in activities that promote cultural understanding to area youth.

  • TGA partners with area K-12 schools, colleges, and supporters to help incorporate global education into ongoing instruction.

  • TGA introduces young people to opportunities that prepare them for success in globally connected educational and workplace environments. 

Remembering Kid's World 20 years later

Collette Walker, Director of Sales at the Holiday Inn City Center


"I can still remember the entire event now, almost 20 years later. I was in elementary school, and we were going on a field trip to Kids World! I remember the event appearing to be larger than life with booths from all different countries providing unique crafts, food and information about their home country. We were given a passport that was stamped by a representative at each country booth that we visited, just like when you travel around the world. 


Almost 20 years later as an employee at the Holiday Inn Tulsa City Center I was honored to have the opportunity to work with the Tulsa Global Alliance and host one of their events. I am so happy to learn that programs such as World In A Box Day at the Central Library are still happening and that kids in Tulsa are given the opportunity to touch, smell, see and interact with other countries and cultures from around the world."