Elementary School

World In A Box Day

In collaboration with the Tulsa City-County Library -  Scheduled on the first Saturday of August, World In A Box Day coincides with the conclusion of the library’s summer reading program. World In A Box Day began in 2016 with approximately 200 students; this year, over 1000 students from across Tulsa participated.  

Culture Boxes 

In partnership with Eisenhower International School in Tulsa, the Tulsa Global Alliance Culture Boxes are a great addition to any classroom or organization presentation. Each box contains cultural artifacts, books, musical instruments, fabrics, and other expressions of more than 40 unique countries, regions, and cultures. Eisenhower International School  houses the boxes and coordinates the check-out program.

 Eisenhower and Zarrow International Schools

TGA manages the finances for Dual Language Academy, and Eisenhower and Zarrow International Schools’ exchange programs with schools in Costa Rica, France, and Spain.  Their exchange students become student members of Tulsa Global Alliance.