Tulsa Global Alliance is comprised of an elected, volunteer Board of Directors, as well as staff, volunteers, and interns. Together, in the spirit of citizen diplomacy, we work to help Tulsa thrive as a welcoming city for international visitors and support the diverse cultures within our community.  


Alejandro Muñozcano

Board Chair

Nick Doctor

Mayor's Liaison

Eric Marshall

Vice Chair,

International Visitors

Eric Kunkel

Vice Chair/Program Council Chair

Ben Blosch


John Taylor

Vice Chair,


Andrew Ralston,

Vice Chair,


Chris Wylie

Vice Chair,

Sister Cities

Jane Kucko

Vice Chair,

Global Education

Drew Felling /

Stephen Miska

Vice Chairs,

International Trade / Business

2019 - 2020 DIRECTORS

Kafiye Atay

Mayo Baugher, City Council Liaison

Marcela Chaván

Jorge Delgado

Stephanie Duran-Quintana

Mary Frances Edmonds

David Friedland

Margarita Gaberino

John Harper

Jahaziel Hiriart

Jamin Jackson




Randy Kluver

Sam Lian

Karin Madrid

Dayal Meshri

Angie Moore

Brandon Oldham

Doug Price

Gitzel Puente

​Lacey Taylor

Kinnee M. Tilly

Jason Ting


Shu Chen---Behai, China

Clark Frayser, Laura Calderon---San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Micah Keyan---Utsunomiya, Japan

Olga Randolph---Zelenograd, Russia

Judy Glenn---Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Debbie Givens---Tiberias, Israel

Margaret Bannochie---Celle, Germany

Wendy Sheets---Amiens, France


A native Tulsan, Bob has been on the TGA staff since 1998. He coordinates the schedules for international visitors to Tulsa through the U.S. Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program, and Community Connections, Open World, Youth Ambassadors, and Sister City programs for TGA. Bob previously worked as an English as a Second Language teacher and refugee job counselor at the YWCA Multicultural Center in Tulsa. He received a Bachelor’s degree in History and Russian Area Studies from Cornell University in 1992.  Bob has served on the boards of the Friends of the Tulsa City-County Library, Tulsa Association of Volunteer Administrators, All Souls Unitarian Church Adult Programs Board, and the Governor’s International Team. 

Bob Lieser

Vice President, Programs

Cathy Izzo

Sister City Program Coordinator & Administrator

Long before she moved from her native Chicago to Tulsa in 1994, Cathy's roots had branched out to other places far and near. With grandparents' ties to Europe, she became interested in all things international---from being an exchange student to Colombia at age 16; earning two certificates in the French language during her junior year abroad at the Université de Dijon, France; and working for the Moroccan Government and the French Banque Paribas in Chicago, to living with her husband and two children in Limerick, Ireland, for three+ years---Cathy has had numerous opportunities to speak other languages, travel extensively, become immersed in other cultures, and view the U.S. from multiple perspectives. Little did she know how well these experiences would prepare her for TGA! She assisted with the 2005 Sister Cities Summit, which led to the Office Administrator position soon after and then as the Sister City Program Coordinator and Administrator. Now, she views the world via our eight Sister Cities and the international visitors and events which are such an important mission of TGA!  Cathy is a member of the Alliance Française and the Swiss Club of Oklahoma. 


TGA's success is due in large part to the participation of its members and volunteers who have committed countless hours to serving on event committees, hosting international visitors, volunteering at TGA events, and much, much more. TGA is very appreciative of those who give their time, dedication, and heart to TGA!