San Luis Potosi, Mexico

A Tulsa Sister City Since 1980

Located 225 miles northwest of Mexico City, San Luis Potosi is famous for its beautiful old churches, colonial architecture, and Mexican traditions. Its population is just over 2.6 million, and approximately 60% of its residents are under the age of 30. The State was given the name "San Luis Rey," King Saint Louis, in honor of Louis IX of France, and "Potosi" because the wealth of the state compared to the rich silver mines in Potosi, Bolivia. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Franciscans, Augustinians, and Jesuits arrived to the area and settled, and then began to build churches and buildings, many of which are still standing and have been turned into museums and universities.

The Tulsa & San Luis Potosi Sister City Partnership

In the past year, the San Luis Potosi partnership promoted the culture of Mexico and San Luis Potosi in a variety of ways:

  • A program on Monarch Butterfly migration through San Luis Potosi was held in September at the Festival of the Americans at Guthrie Green, as part of the Passports to Global Cultures Program.


  • San Luis Potosi Partnership volunteered at the POSTOAK Lodge Cinco de Mayo 5K Margarita Trail Run.



Clark Frayser & 

Lauren Calderon,

TGA Sister City Co-Chairs 

for San Luis Potosi

Cathy Izzo

TGA Sister City Program Coordinator and Administrator

Cass Fahler,

Tulsa City Councilor 

Honorary Ambassador 

for San Luis Potosi