Be a Part of the TGA Global Community!

When you become involved in Tulsa Global Alliance, you become part of something much larger than your local surroundings. You become a citizen of the world---a citizen diplomat, one who helps others develop a global understanding of the world in which we all now live and work.


Donate, join, sponsor, volunteer—and help TGA sustain its mission of building a global community that begins right here in Tulsa.


Your donation/membership/involvement:

  • Strengthens the relationship between TGA and the U.S. State Department, which oversees the international visitor programs for which Tulsa is nationally recognized

  • Supports Tulsa’s Sister City partnerships, which facilitate a variety of educational and cultural exchange programs

  • Prepares students for a multi-cultural world through locally based educational programs

  • Facilitates international business and trade programs offered to Tulsa-based businesses throughout the year

  • Helps support TGA’s overall vision for Tulsa to grow as a vibrant community that thinks globally, acts globally, and connects globally.  


Bringing the world to Tulsa and sharing what Tulsa has to offer to the world goes to the heart of TGA’s mission. TGA cannot operate without the assistance of its members, donors, corporate sponsors, local sponsors, and volunteers—all citizen diplomats—who help fulfill the mission of TGA.



There are numerous ways to support the people, programs, and overall purpose of TGA.

Make your selection below or contact TGA at 918.594.8299. 

TGA is a 501(c)(3) Oklahoma non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible.


To arrange for planned giving or to make an honorary/gift donation, please call TGA at 918.594.8299.