Tiberias, Israel

A Tulsa Sister City Since 1989

One of the Holy Cities of Judaism, Tiberias is located 680 feet below sea level on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Tiberias offers a look at an ancient world of religious symbolism and heritage. Since Tiberias basks in a mild climate, it is a popular winter resort. Tourism is its main industry, as thousands of people visit the city annually to enjoy its hot spring baths, lakeside resorts, and charming shops and cafes. Tiberias has a population of approximately 38,000.

The Tulsa & Tiberias Sister City Partnership

The Tulsa-Tiberias partnership enjoys excellent exchanges in education and the performing arts:


  • The Exchange between Amal Nofarim School in Tiberias and Carver Middle School continued, as students from Tiberias came to Tulsa in December 2018, and Carver students visited Tiberias (plus Jerusalem and Tel Aviv) the following March. Both schools also participated in their annual video conference in May 2019. 


  • The Partnership will celebrate the Sister City’s 2,000th Anniversary/70th Anniversary of Israel with the gift of a life-sized bison artwork to Tiberias, created by Garden Deva. 


  • The Partnership worked closely with the Jewish Federation of Tulsa to promote a Jewish Film Festival and Shalomfest, and other area events of interest. 



Debbie Givens

TGA Sister City Chair 

for Tiberias


Cathy Izzo

TGA Sister City Program Coordinator and Administrator

Ben Kimbro,

Tulsa City Councilor 

Honorary Ambassador 

for Tiberias

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