Amiens, France

A Tulsa Sister City Since 2005

An urban city of 170,000, Amiens is the capital of the region known as LaPicardie. It is the largest French city between Paris and the English Channel, and is the adopted home of Jules Verne as well as the the hometown of President Emmanuel Macron. Historically established by Paris officials as a center for population growth within a triangle formed by Paris, London, and Brussels, it is a crossroad of three major highways, with train service and a local airport. Located along the Somme River, the historical city center’s buildings, which date from the Middle Ages, are dominated by one of the world’s largest and most famous Gothic cathedrals.

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The Tulsa & Amiens Sister City Partnership

The Tulsa-Amiens Partnership participated in the following activities the past year:


  • Strong student exchanges continued:  Eisenhower International School (EIS) hosted 5th grade students from St. Quentin, near Amiens in Spring 2019, and EIS students previously traveled to St. Quentin in December 2018.  Edison High School welcomed students from Robert de Luzarches School in Amiens in Fall 2018, and Edison students visited Amiens in March 2019.

  • Philbrook Museum promoted its 2018 “Summer in France” with an Impressionist arts exhibition, and highlighted Amiens, by offering Philbrook members a chance to win a week-long trip to Amiens.

  • Commemoration of the Centenary of the Battle of Amiens was held on August 8, 2018, to an overflow crowd at the Tulsa Historical Society.  Special guests included Grant Moak, Honorary Consul of France in Oklahoma, Bob Blackburn, from the Oklahoma Historical Society, and Beth Lawless, descendant of one of the original Choctaw code talkers in World War I.

  • Tulsa Deputy Mayor Amy Brown visited Amiens in June 2019, accompanied by Alisa Dougless and Wendy Sheets, to represent Tulsa at the Amiens Spring Festival, La Rue est à Amiens.




Wendy Sheets

TGA Sister City Chair for Amiens

Carine Larkin
Partnership co-Chair

Cathy Izzo 

TGA Sister City Program Coordinator and Administrator

Phil Lakin 

Tulsa City Councilor 

Honorary Ambassador for Amiens

Lori Decter Wright

Honorary Ambassador at Large

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Notre Dame Catheral

This year marks the 800-years anniversary of the Amiens Notre Dame Cathedral. 


For more than eight hundred years Amiens Cathedral has stood as a masterpiece of the French gothic style. An anonymous masterpiece built by a thousand hands yet bearing no signature. People hurrying across the vast square almost invariably have to slow down as the cathedral locks their gaze.  


Notre Dame d’Amiens is the largest gothic cathedral in the world (200,000 m3 which is twice the volume of Notre-Dame de Paris) and one of the most beautiful, being listed by UNESCO as a World Humanity Heritage site.