Zelenograd, Russia

A TGA Sister City Since 1992.

25 + Years!

Zelenograd, which means "green city" in Russian, is one of the prefects of Moscow with a population of approximately 180,000 people, 40% of whom have advanced graduate degrees. Zelenograd is known for its educational institutions, research labs, and high-tech businesses. Blending technological advancement and environmental concerns, Zelenograd has created a green belt to preserve its natural surroundings. It is known across Russia as both a prestigious, clean-air residential community with great infrastructure as well as a research-and-business hive strategically located minutes away from Moscow.

The Tulsa--Zelenograd Sister City Partnership

The Tulsa-Zelenograd Association (TZA) celebrates the Sister City relationship between Tulsa and Zelenograd, and has had several events to promote Russian culture, including:

  • A Russian lecture and film, Meeting Gorbachev, hosted at Circle Cinema.

  • With the support of TZA, two community volunteers (one of them traveled to Zelenograd through TZA as a high school student) began a monthly conversation club.

  • A group of six journalists from Zelenograd visited Tulsa June 2019 through the U.S. Library of Congress Open World Program.

Olga Randolph,

TGA Sister City Chair

for Zelenograd

Cathy Izzo,

TGA Sister City Program Coordinator and Administrator

Jeannie Cue,

Tulsa City Councilor

Honorary Ambassador

for Zelenograd

Get to Know More About Our Zelenograd Partnership and the

Tulsa---Zelenograd Association (TZA)!

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