Corporate Partnerships: Help Build a Global Business Community

TGA membership represents the best of Tulsa----it benefits anyone motivated by a responsibility to engage with the rest of the world in a meaningful, mutually beneficial dialogue. Educators. Students. Parents. Travelers. Civic Leaders. Business Leaders. Entrepreneurs. Philanthropists. Humanitarians. Artists. Musicians. Sports Enthusiasts. Adventurers.

Being a TGA corporate member means you are part of a select group of member companies that are engaged in exploring or doing business globally. Your TGA membership provides networking tools and opportunities to help you be more successful in the complex global business environment while raising global awareness in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma. 

As a TGA corporate partner, you’ll have the opportunity to attend and/or participate in international trade/business forums and international business networking events, serve as a local business host to TGA's international visitors, support youth exchanges through our Sister City partnerships, and support our wide array of global education initiatives and business educational partners.


You will also receive our TGA newsletters, announcements, and invitations that feature upcoming business and cultural events—some at a TGA discount—and you’ll be the first to learn about our many hosting opportunities—from home dinner and home stay to business tours and presentations as well as local and international networking opportunities.

Interested in becoming involved in one of our Sister City programs? Let us know. It’s a key member benefit, too! And you'll be the first to know about our annual international food tasting event---now renamed as SAVOR!---as well as our annual Global Vision Awards gala.

Interested in joining TGA as a corporate partner? Check out benefits and tiered partner options below.

Corporate Partnership Benefits

Tickets to the TGA Global Vision Awards Gala

Registration discount to SAVOR!  

Tiered membership recognition on all marketing

Invitations to receptions, private events, and business trade forums

Cultural networking and volunteer opportunities

Access to international networks/expertise database

Web site link options/cultural calendar access

TGA e-news available via e-mail or Web site highlighting Sister City events and opportunities

TGA is a 501(c)(3) Oklahoma non-profit organization.

Memberships are tax deductible.

Partnership Levels

Partnerships are valid for 12 months from the date you join. Renewal dates are based on your original day of membership.


Minister: $750 --- Includes Two (2) Tickets to the TGA Global Vision Awards Gala

Envoy:$1,000 --- Includes Four (4) Tickets to the TGA Global Vision Awards Gala

Statesman: $2,500 --- Includes Six (6) Tickets to the TGA Global Vision Awards Gala

Emissary: $3,500 --- Includes Eight (8) Tickets to the TGA Global Vision Awards Gala

Peacekeeper: $5,000 --- Includes (8) Eight Tickets to the TGA Global Vision Awards Gala (and Amenities)

Visionary: $10,000 --- Includes Sixteen (16) Tickets to the TGA Global Vision Awards Gala (and Amenities)


For more information, please contact TGA. Call 918.594.8299 or send and e-mail to,

or join today by completing and submitting the form below.