Beihai, China

A TGA Sister City Since 1987.

30+ Years!

A port in the province of Guangxi in southern China, Beihai has a population of 1.46 million people. Beihai is famous for its white sandy beaches, pearls, and shell art. The province of Guangxi includes 17 non-Chinese minorities. It also includes breathtaking tourist attractions near the city of Guilin, including the Li River and many beautiful mountain peaks. More than 3.8 million tourists visit the area annually.

The Tulsa--Beihai Sister City Partnership

Events and activities for this past year include:


  • The Deputy Mayor of Beihai sent a Happy Lunar New Year message via social media.

  • The Beihai Library Director, several librarians, and the Beihai Minister of Culture visited in September 2018.


  • The Partnership participated in these events: the Asian World Experience – promoting our Asian Sister Cities and also developing a t-shirt for give-aways and brand awareness; the Mid-Autumn Festival held at OU-Tulsa with the Confucius Institute, and the Asian American Festival in June.

Shu Chen,

TGA Sister City Chair

for Beihai

Cathy Izzo,

TGA Sister City Program Coordinator and Administrator

Kara Joy McKee,

Tulsa City Councilor

Honorary Ambassador

for Beihai

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